Yatsko's Computational Linguistics Laboratory


Y-Structurer is an application designed to help users create schematic representations of discourse structure.

The application works on Windows machines, supports English and Russian texts in .txt format, UTF8 encoding. Figure 1 presents application's initial window.


The 'Splitter' module allows breaking the input text into semantic segments. Sentences and paragraphs may be delimited automatically by pressing the corresponding buttons, and/or the user may insert delimiters manually at cursor's position. Figure 2 demonstrates manually delimited text.


'Discourse Analysis' is the main module of the application. On opening it input text  segments are presented as separate nodes.


To create a scheme representing text structure you should move one node to the other node. Lines and arrows are inserted automatically. A discourse relation is also inserted automatically if you choose it from the list. The relations list can be edited by the user from the application; it pops up on pressing 'Open rel file' button. 


You may undo, redo your work or restore to the initial view. Once you have finished you may export the image to a .png file.

The application's folder contains a settings.txt file where the user can change fonts and colors.

The application also has Syntactic Analysis and Semantic Analysis modules linked to separate relations files that also can be edited by user.

Text Structurer is distributed as freeware and can be downloaded from 'Downloads' secton of this site. 

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