Yatsko's Computational Linguistics Laboratory

TITE (Translation In Teaching English) is a network system for teaching English as a foreign language. 

TITE is a bilingual network translation system to be used in FLT during out-of-school activities. General idea underlining TITE is the following. At the beginning of the term a student is given a number of texts to be translated from his native tongue into the target language or vice versa. These texts fall into two groups: limited and unlimited. A limited text has a time limit: the student must translate it in the time allotted by the teacher (for example 15 minutes). If the student fails to keep within the time limit all the text translated by him is deleted. The translation stops as soon as he makes a mistake (enters an incorrect symbol). Unlimited texts are larger than limited ones and don’t have a time limit; the student can save the results and proceed with the translation next time. As soon as the student finishes translating the text a record is made in the log on the server so that the teacher can check student's progress. By the end of the term the student must translate all texts assigned to him/her so as to get credit. 

 TITE  comprises Student's Module and Teacher's Module linked by an SQL server. 

 By means of Teacher's Module the teacher can 1) assign passwords and network names to students; 2) enter information about students, such as first and last name, group number, year of study; 3) assign students texts for translation and download reference translations; 4) assign texts characteristics, such as direction of translation; limited, unlimited; time allotted for translation of limited texts; the sequence of texts to be translated; 5) select options and functions to modify the complexity of translation. They are: synonyms, punctuation, dictionary+, dictionary-. 

 "Synonyms" option when checked allows the student to read synonyms of the word that is being translated at the moment.

 When "Punctuation" option is checked by the teacher punctuation marks as well as white spaces separating words appear automatically; the student doesn't have to enter them.

 Dictionary+ function allows the teacher to make up a dictionary of words that must be translated by the student; the rest of the words in the text will appear automatically.

 Dictionary- function allows the teacher to make up a dictionary of words that the student doesn't have to translate - they will appear automatically

 These options and functions allow the teacher to adjust the translation process to any level of foreign language proficiency.

 6) get statistics about the number of students’ mistakes in specific words.

 By means of Student's Module that students can: 1) get connected to the SQL server; 2) enter translation. TITE stops and signals at each incorrect symbol; 3) save unlimited texts; 4) get synonyms help if this option was turned on by the teacher. Synonyms of the word that is being currently translated appear in the appropriate section of program's window. 

 TITE can process any texts in any language.


For database:

SQL Server 2000 or higher

For teacher's and student's applictions:

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
2 MB free disc space, 700 MHz processor

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