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Dear Reader,

This page is about my textbook entitled "Events in the History of Russia. From Rurik to Gorbachev".


The textbook is in Russian. It contains short poems each telling about a historic event. It has comments describing a specific event, and questions and assignments. The textbook aims at facilitating easy memorization of dates and main events in Russian history. The total number of events is 80.

The textbook is distributed as an application for Windows machines. The application doesn't require installation and opens as a book reader. 


Trial version is available at https://docs.zoho.com/file/h0ub4c3b4a326034c4b3dba71e663096e000e 

A concise version of the texbook can be read online at  


This version has only verses, dates and illustrations, and focuses on 46 events. No comments, no assignments. 

Full version may be purchased at  $109. To get it please contact me at vasisdal@mail.ru

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