Yatsko's Computational Linguistics Laboratory

Viatcheslav Yatsko, the Head of the CLL, Doctor of Science, Full Professor is the author of a number of scientific papers and monographs. His main contributions include:

  • Bradford's law interpretation in terms of geometric progression (Y-law). This interpretation can be effectively used to compute threshold values in case it is necessary to distinguish subsets within a set of objects (e.g. successful/unsuccessful applicants, developed/underdeveloped regions, etc.). See [21] in "Publications" section.
  • The methodology of zonal-correlational analysis based on Y-law. The methodology can be used for purposes of automatic text classification.
  • Symmetric term-weighting technique, which allows creating coherent summaries [2]. This technique underlies the functioning of UNIS and ETS summarizers.
  • Depth of user search conception for assessemnt of Internet information retrieval systems [5].
  • Ontology for opinion mining [19].
  • Methodology for assessment of summaries' quality based on matching against a reference dictionary extracted from the source text [10].
  • Y-stemmer based on lists of suffixes and endings correlated with certain parts-of-speech [16;20]. All algorithms for software available on this web site were created by V.Yatsko.
  • Componential-predication analysis, a methodology for linguistic research [26].
  • Original classification of modi based on the conception of alienated knowledge (Yatsko, V.A. Logical-semantic aspects of the concept of alienated knowledge. In: Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics. 1993, VOL.27, N 4. ALLERTON PRESS INC).
  • Compositional modeling, a methodology for modeling academic texts' logical and semantic structure [6;23].
  • An original conception of historical development of computer science, which distinguishes between its mathematic, technological, and linguistic foundations [42].

Dr.Yatsko supervises research of his postgraduate students at postgraduate courses at Katanov State University of Khakasia. Feel free to enroll on his courses conducted in English. A syllabus is available online: Yatsko_Syllabus.pdf) .

V.A.Yatsko is the author of numerous publicistic and literary works (humorous short stories, detectives) available in Russian and English on his literary site. Works in English are also published in Bewildering Stories journal issued in Canada.

See Dr.Yatsko's CV https://yadi.sk/i/6Q1q69Jnd5VTw 

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