All computer programs created by the CLL's staff and described on this site are distributed as freeware. Most of them can be downloaded from this site and from Yandex cloud storage where the files are checked for viruses.

The CLL offers the following linguistic software for download.

A Russian part-of-speech tagger designed as a module of an opinion mining system.

Download Y-TAGGRU:

Y-stemmer (Yatsko's stemmer) - a stemmer built on preliminary POS-tagging that outperforms existing analogues.

Download Y-stemmer:

Download YAVA-STEMMER, a hybrid advanced user-focused Russian stemmer:

CLL-tagger - a part-of-speech probabilistic tagger that works faster than existing analogues providing the same quality.

Download CLL tagger: 

UNIS (Universal summarizer) performs adaptive text summarization.

Download UNIS: 

Linguistic Toolbox (LIT) is a concordancer that allows creating POS-annotated corpora and perform all types of searches adoped in corpus linguistics.
To start LIT double click LToolBoxGUI.exe file in program's directory.

Download Linguistic Toolbox: 

Linguistic Toolbox Extended can perforn addtional operations of union, substruction, and intersection.

Download Linguistic Toolbox Extended: 

User Guide.doc file is in  program's directory.

TF*IDF Ranker
performs term weighting according to the well-known formula and its modification suggested by V.Yatsko. TfIDF Ranker_2L supports English and Russian.

Download English version 

Download English and Russian version of TFIDF Ranker

TFIDF Ranker_2L.rar

Compare performs calculations according to Swadesh's formula.

Download Compare:


PASS - Partially Automated Symmetric Summarization, a network computer system for TEFL.

Download PASS Demo: 


ETS - Event Tracking  Summarizer, a program specially designed to summarize fiction.

Download ETS: 

TITE - Translation in Teaching English, a network computer system for TEFL

Download TITE: 

Y-Mining - an intelligent opinion mining system. Feel free to use sample texts include into the archive to test the system.

Download Y-Mining: 


Y-Structurer - an application that helps to create a graphic representation of text structure.

Download Text Structurer